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            With electric bike conversion kits from LYON, you can easily convert your bicycle into a lithium battery-powered motor that lets you go faster and farther with ease—even when riding uphill.The kit includes a motor, a brushless controller, an integrated torque sensor, and a li-ion battery.
            1、Easy to install on the frame of bicycle.
            2、Saving power from battery with the appointed controller in riding. Take a longer riding distance. 
            3、Less cable from the sensor to keep a nice looking on the frame. E-bike still keeps the clean and complete structure.
            4、Multi-level speed selection to be satisfied with different riding require
            5、Control well the peak current from motor to take a comfortable riding feeling with power from battery.
            6、The integrated torque sensor uses POM material used in SHIMANO dial guide wheel only with the characteristics of hard wearable, oil-proof, and self-lubricating. It can use long time in the -50 ℃ ~ 110 ℃ temperature range.


            FRONT MOTOR KIT

            MIDDLE MOTOR KIT

            REAR MOTOR KIT

            LI-ION BATTERY


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