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            HK BATTERIES BVBA 
            For many years,HK Batteries has been importing and assembling a wide range of batteries. Thus, we have reached a high standard of quality service, expertise and competitive prices.
            HK Batteries is exclusive importer of different brands but apart from this we can supply with the kind of battery you are looking for in our own workshop. We assemble battery packs to standard specifications or to your specific needs and replace battery packs in existing housing. We will be happy to supply them to you or to assemble them for you. 
            Contact information
            Gaspeldoornstraat 10
            3650 Lanklaar-Dilsen
            BELGIUM (Europe)
            (t) 0032 89 658840
            (t) 0032 89 659904
            (f) 0032 89 659004 

            (m) info@hkbatteries.com 

            (w) www.hkbatteries.com